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JCB have launched this new website to help you explore the world around you and learn more about JCB Machines.



Content Overview

We have designed this website with adult and kids in mind.

There are loads of activities and games for children to play independently or amongst friends or family, as well as information about JCB Machines to keep kids busy.


The activities are found in the 'Activities' area of the website. Children can also access them through visual navigation tools by using the 'Go Exploring' area. Wherever possible we've used relevant images to communicate what the activities are. This enables children to navigate the site from an early age. The activity sheets can be printed off with either a colour or black and white printer.

Info zone

Constructive play for all ages

The 'Info Zone' has lots of machine information that kids love to learn. You can also post your own questions for the JCB Experts to answer. There are also stories about JCB Machines from around the world. These are called 'Digger Adventures'.

Resource centre

The 'Resource centre' contains downloads such as videos or screensavers and mouse pointers.

Game zone

The Game Zone has online games and games that can be printed and played away from the computer.

About JCB

'About JCB' tells the story behind the company as well as giving fascinating facts about JCB Machines. You will also find out how you can get 'up close and personal' with JCB Machines!

Explore JCB toys

Explore JCB Toys is an area where you can browse through some of the JCB Toys sold in the UK and find out where they can be bought.


Finally there is a Gallery on the website where kids can upload photos or pictures of JCB machines they have drawn.

We hope you enjoy using the site. If you have any comments on how we can improve it further, please contact us or send us your feedback via the feedback form.

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