Printable Activities for Kids

Our range of printable activities are sure to keep your kids entertained and learning! With activities designed for all ages, from simple colouring pages to building challenges, there’s always something new and exciting available. Don’t forget our selection of cards for special occasions – your kids will love creating something personal. Explore our fun selection today and watch as your kids learn, grow, and create lasting memories in the process!

Keeping kids engaged and entertained can be a challenge. But our wide range of fun, printable activities will provide hours of enjoyable entertainment. You’ll find something for everyone: from delightful colouring pages to imagination-sparking crafts , card games and wordsearches inspired by construction sites!

Colouring In Sheets

colouring bookmarks

Bookmarks Colouring

Make your bookmark your own with our bookmarks colouring sheet. Never lose your place in your favourite book again.


Construction Site Colouring Sheet

Colour in the construction vehicles and shapes in the same colours or choose your own design!

activity 10

Tommy Truck & Doug

Print and colour sheet featuring Tommy Truck and Doug Dumptruck. Lets get colouring!

activity 9

Joey GT

Get colouring with Joey JCB in GT colours, his speedy set up!

activity 8

Joey JCB

Young fans will love colouring in Joey JCB busy at work scooping mud!

activity 7

Painting by Numbers

Print out the sheet, follow the colour guide and bring the JCB Digger scene to life

activity 13

X Series Excavator

Colouring-In sheet, X Series Excavator

activity 4

World’s Fastest Tractor

Colour in the record breaking JCB Fastrac, officially the world’s fastest tractor. Stick to Yellow and Black or get really creative with multiple colours!

Puzzles and Wordsearches

Dumptruck Doug Spot The Difference

Dumptruck Doug Spot The Difference

Can you find the 5 differences in our 2 Doug pictures?


My Own Doug Dumptruck 6 Piece Puzzle

Watch out! Doug is coming through! Can you piece together Doug Dumptruck to complete your puzzle?

activity 5

JCB Wordsearch

This one’s great for keen eyed construction fans. Find as many words as you can.

activity 1

Join The Dots

Can you join up the dots to complete the diggers? Print out and Good luck!

Card Games

top trumps

JCB Top Cards

JCB inspired Top Cards! Challenge your friends and use the best stats from our finest machines to win!

Counting Cards

Counting Cards

Get your maths head on with these numerical starter cards!

Arts and Crafts

activity 11

Digger Biscuits

How to make JCB Digger Biscuits with this step by step recipe and guide.

activity 6

Assemble the Backhoe Loader

The world famous JCB Backhoe Loader needs assembling. Print and carefully cut out the sections to create your JCB Digger

activity 3

Build a Hydradig

Build your very own JCB Hydradig! Print out the sheet and create one of JCB’s latest machines using the guidelines and instructions

activity 2

Bulldozer Craft

Get crafty and build your own JCB inspired bulldozing machine

Calendars and Special Occasions

Construction Themed Father's Day Card

Father’s Day Card

Recognise your Dad for everything they do with our construction-themed Father's Day card.

My 1st JCB Calendar


Kick 2024 off the right way with this JCB Calendar that you can colour in!

JCB Machines Calendar


Kick 2024 off the right way with this new JCB Calendar with a new machine every month!

More Activities

activity sorting digger worksheet

Sorting Diggers Worksheet

Do you know your small diggers from your big diggers? Sort these diggers by size!

Back to school checklist

Back to School Checklist

Get ready for the new school term with our handy back-to-school checklist, designed to make sure you have all the essentials.

activity 12

Investigating Gears

A great resource sheet to help learn about gears and early engineering concepts





Helping Kids Learn and Develop

Engaging in constructive play goes far beyond mere entertainment; it constitutes a pivotal element in a child’s holistic development. Designed not only to captivate and occupy young minds but also to foster essential learning experiences, these activities play a vital role in shaping a child’s cognitive, social, and emotional growth. In our carefully curated activities, we recognise the multifaceted benefits that extend beyond amusement. Through the act of constructing, children embark on a journey of discovery, honing fundamental skills that contribute to their overall development. The process of building things becomes a dynamic educational tool, enabling them to grasp concepts such as spatial awareness, problem-solving, and critical thinking.   Competitive play, integral to our activities, introduces children to the concept of fair play, instilling values of sportsmanship and teamwork. As they navigate challenges and collaborate with peers, they not only refine motor skills but also cultivate social skills that are fundamental to their interactions in the wider world. Moreover, our activities offer a unique window into the construction world, providing a platform for children to gain insights into the mechanics of building and creating. This immersive experience expands their understanding of the world, sparking curiosity about the structures that surround them and the processes involved in their creation. In essence, our constructive play activities are carefully designed to be more than just pastimes—they are dynamic educational tools that contribute to a child’s comprehensive development. As they build, compete, and explore the intricacies of the construction world, children are not merely engaged in play; they are actively learning and growing, laying the foundation for a well-rounded and capable future.

Kids activities

Keep your little builder busy and have family fun with JCB Activities for kids.

If your child is a construction enthusiast then there is so much fun to be had with our range of kids’ activities. Whether it’s baking digger biscuits or using our digger colouring sheets, there is plenty for your little builder to stay busy with.

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