At JCB we believe in constructive play. We want to inspire children in their play, encourage them to use their imagination and where possible engage them in physical activity. We also want children to explore the world around them and find adventure in their own home and garden.   JCB is committed to helping children learn and grow through play. We believe that play is essential to development, providing children with the opportunity to explore, experiment and express themselves. Through play, children can develop important life skills such as problem solving, creativity and social interaction. Our products are designed to encourage constructive play, supporting children as they learn and grow. From our construction toys that teach engineering principles to our activities that promote imaginative play, we aim to provide children with the best possible foundation for a bright future. is a website designed for both kids and adults. It is a resource centre containing activities, videos and the latest information on JCB Kids and collector products and where to experience the JCB brand in the UK.

The Story of JCB

Where do the initials JCB come from? How did the company start? Where are JCB Machines produced? Find out here.

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Fun Facts About JCB

Ever wondered why all JCB machines are yellow? Did you know that JCB currently holds 3 world speed records? Find out some amazing and interesting facts about JCB machines.

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Know your JCB machines!

Find out about the JCB Machines. What they do and what they are called.

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