Fun Facts About JCB


JCB machines are almost always Yellow mainly for safety reasons. On a building site or a quarry, you are more likely to see a machine which is Yellow than any other colour. Some customers do prefer their own colour machines and the second most common JCB colour machines are Green followed by Red!

BHL 3CX 55A Union Jack

‘JCB’ appears in the Oxford English Dictionary as ‘a type of mechanical excavator with a shovel at the front and a digging arm at the rear’


Did you know that JCB currently holds 3 world speed records? The world’s fastest diesel-powered car (2006 – 350 mph), the world’s fastest Backhoe Loader (2014 – 72 mph) and the world’s fastest Tractor (2019 – 135 mph). The record-breaking tractor was driven by Guy Martin and filmed as part of a feature programme on Channel 4.


A JCB has been the subject matter of many songs. In 1958 Lenny Green had a song called JCB and Me, and in Ireland, the singer Seamus Moore who calls himself the JCB Man, recorded the JCB song. More recently, in 2005, the band Nizlopi had a UK Christmas No.1 hit with The JCB Song.

An early dancing diggers routine

Mr JCB began the tradition of JCB stunts in the 1960s. Elaborate manoeuvres performed for the TV cameras, such as driving a car under a machine raised up on it’s hydraulic arms, showed the versatility and power of the machine and began the tradition of the world-famous JCB Dancing Diggers displays

DF 16670sml

JCB machines feature regularly on TV shows like DIY SOS and BBC Countryfile but did you know that futuristic looking JCB Tracked Excavators and Skid Steer loaders featured in the 2017 sci-fi film Alien:Covenant?

Telescopic Handler

JCB machines and branding have featured around F1 (Formula One) racetracks in recent years. Apart from official sponsor partnerships firstly with Williams and most recently with Racing Point F1, JCB Telescopic Handlers (Loadalls) are used on many circuits to rescue and recover F1 cars that have come off the track!

Backhoe Loader

All the JCB Backhoe Loaders produced in one year would be able together to move 1.5 billion tonnes of earth!

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