JCB Young Drivers Zone
at Springfields Spalding ‘Adventureland’

The largest in the UK, it offers an exciting opportunity, for children up to 12 years old. Drive around in JCB pedal-powered tractors, exciting themed activities and use their imagination on many other unique interactive play equipment.

Springfields Spalding, JCB Young Drivers Zone

JCB Zone
at Gulliver's Kingdom,
Matlock Bath

Operate real JCB Mini Diggers, ride around on the JCB pedal tractors and explore construction themed activities in this zone as part of the Gullivers Kingdom resort and theme park.

JCB Zone at Gulliver's Kingdom, Matlock Bath

JCB Zone
at Gulliver's Kingdom,
Milton Keynes

The JCB Zone features construction themed activities and attractions in this special area of the park. Operate one of the JCB Mini Diggers, look out for the Big Dig Zone, Demolotion Dodgems, the Crazy Crane and more…

JCB Zone at Gulliver's Kingdom, Milton Keynes

Ultimate Experience at Diggerland Theme Parks

Four Diggerland Theme Parks with locations in Devon, Kent, Yorkshire and Durham. The ultimate adventure UK theme park experience where children and adults alike can ride, drive and operate real diggers, dumpers and other full size construction machinery.

Diggerland Theme Park


Ride Pedal JCB tractors and dumpers, excavate the sand pit and climb the traversing wall at this special area dedicated to all things JCB

JCB Big Dig Zone at National Forest Adventure Farm, Burton Upon Trent


Bring The Experience Home

Experience real construction play

Keep your junior builder busy and have family fun on a day out at one of these great locations

Step into the world of imagination and creativity with JCB Experiences. Transform your kids’ playtime into a thrilling adventure as they immerse themselves in a day in the life of a real construction worker, taking the joy of construction play to an entirely new level. At JCB Experiences, we believe in fostering a sense of wonder and exploration in young minds. From operating mini construction vehicles to engaging in imaginative scenarios, your child can actively participate in a dynamic and hands-on construction play experience. Picture your little one donned in a JCB-themed outfit, ready to take on the challenges of the construction site. With our carefully curated experiences, they can explore various aspects of the construction world, from manoeuvring mini diggers to transporting materials and building their little construction projects. Each moment is a chance for them to develop essential skills such as problem-solving, coordination, and teamwork—all while having a blast. JCB Experiences goes beyond conventional play by providing an immersive and authentic glimpse into the fascinating world of construction.  As they take on the role of a JCB construction worker, they’re not just playing; they’re learning, growing, and creating lasting memories. So, why settle for ordinary play when you can elevate the experience with JCB Experiences? Let your little one’s imagination run wild as they explore the exciting realms of construction play, discovering the joys of creativity and innovation. Unleash the potential within your child and watch them flourish as they step into the boots of JCB’s newest construction worker, making every playtime a memorable adventure.

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