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We've got some cool videos for you. Watch Diggers in action and see Dieselmax breaking the world record.

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Developed as a showpiece of JCB's advanced engineering, the JCB GT is a backhoe loader capable of reaching 100 mph. Built with a high-output V8 engine, it can be seen ripping down drag strips around the country.

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Whether it?s the heaviest digging work at the quarry face, or a busy construction site, JCB tracked excavators are the perfect for virtually any task.

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Dancing Diggers

JCB's world famous Dancing Diggers are a team of people who are experts in driving Backhoe Loaders and making them do things you wouldn't imagine a digger could do! See them in action.

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JCB broke the land speed record for a diesel powered car. The car was driven by Andy Green who is an expert in breaking world speed records. Dieselmax went 350.092 mph which is amazingly fast, probably three times faster than a standard road car that your family might have. Wow!

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"I Love my JCB" DVD

We've just launched an exciting new DVD starring 3 new characters called Jacey, Bea and Big Daddy. See a sneak preview of "I love my JCB".