Best Easter Egg Games & Activities For Kids

March 29, 2022

kids playing Easter games

With Easter quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to do with your kids over the holidays.

If they seem excited for eggs and chocolate bunnies, make sure their fun doesn’t stop there! 

Check out our blog post on Easter egg games and activities that are perfect for getting them in a celebratory mood. From traditional games like egg hunt and egg & spoon race to new ideas like Easter crafts or making a bunny pancake, you’ll find something that is just right for your family!

Easter egg hunt

Easter is almost here and we know that you’re probably getting excited about the annual tradition of hunting for eggs! If you want to make this year’s egg hunt a little more exciting, try putting a little spin on it. You can hide some prizes, riddles or challenge cards inside the eggs or alongside them. This will ensure that your kids can have a unique experience hunting down their Easter eggs this year. And if you want even more ideas, see how to make the Easter egg hunt even more fun here!

Egg & spoon race

This good, old-fashioned outdoor game is a perfect way to get the kids moving, teaching them how to work together as well. It’s also a great chance for parents to have some fun with their children. This Easter morning activity will be sure to keep you all entertained until lunchtime rolls around. Watch and see who can cross the finish line first after they’ve had their fill of chocolate treats!

Bunny pancake making

If you want to spend some quality time with your kids this Easter, why not make them involved in the preparation of the Easter breakfast for the family?

Surprise everyone with some delicious and easy-to-make bunny pancakes! This is an easy recipe that doesn’t require many ingredients and can provide hours of fun. Here’s how it works:  

  • Step 1 – Make the pancake batter by combining flour, sugar, eggs, milk and baking powder in a bowl. Blend well with a whisk or fork

  • Step 2 – add a generous portion of batter to the pan in a round, for the bunny body. Then, add a smaller one for the head, two small ovals for the feet, and two long thin strips for bunny ears. To make it easier you can cook the components in batches.

  • Step 3 – After they’ve been cooked, put the bunny body in the middle of the plate, position the head, ears and feet to make it look like the back of a bunny. You can add a strawberry or banana slice for the tail.

Easter crafts

The Easter holidays are a great time to bond with your kids while creating new memories. With paper crafts, your children will be entertained and creative while also learning new skills. Whether it’s painting the eggs, decorating Easter baskets, making paper decorations or making bunny ear headbands – this activity is sure to engage not only kids but also the adults!

We hope these Easter activity ideas have  inspired you to try something different this year. Whether you’re looking for a kids’ activity, or an indoor game that the whole family can play together, be sure to try the above ones this Easter.

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