How To Make Your Easter Egg Hunt Much More Fun

March 26, 2021

kids playing with easter eggs

Easter egg hunt is probably one of the most popular Easter activities, loved by children and adults alike. Following the tradition –  painted, dyed or more recently – chocolate eggs are hidden in various outdoor locations for children to find. Whether the original concept of the game has remained the same for years, there are a number of creative ways to make it more challenging, fun and original. Here at JCB Explore we naturally advocate the idea of constructive play and encourage both parents and children to embrace the outside world and rediscover how satisfying it can be to go and explore the outdoors, especially in spring!

Inspired by the idea of adding a little twist to the classic Easter egg hunt game, we have prepared 4 ideas for you to try this Easter! All of them involve a bit of exercise and challenge so you can be sure that your little explorers will absolutely love them!

  1. Make it challenging

Instead of just hiding the eggs in obvious places, like garden shrubs or flower pots try choosing some hard-to-reach locations. Your shed, a garden ornament, planter or a flower bed might be worth considering. Children will love the extra challenge and the satisfaction of completing a tricky task will be much bigger. Make sure that all hiding spots are safe to access as you don’t want any accidents to spoil the joy!

  1. Make it muddy

Kids love getting muddy so let them go a little bit crazy this year and organise an Easter egg hunt that involves digging. Hide the eggs deep enough under the ground and challenge the kids to find them using their toy shovels and spades. To make the experience even more fun, encourage them to use their toy diggers. Your little explorers will be over the moon! Make sure they wear appropriate clothing and shoes though! Waterproof jackets and overalls are a good idea!

easter egg hunt
  1. Add some extra tasks

If you have some plastic eggs, you can fill them with slips of paper including an extra task. For example, whoever finds the egg needs to either perform an activity (e.g. 10 jumping jacks), sing a song or solve a riddle. This will add an extra challenge and make the whole game even more competitive!

  1. Take it to the next level with a scavenger hunt

Prepare an Easter basket full of sweets and goodies and hide it. Then, fill plastic eggs with clues and hints for the players to follow in order to find the treasure. You might want to consider the age of players and adjust the difficulty level to make sure the game is enjoyable and not too challenging. Preparing a map can also add an element of excitement. The player who finds the basket first is the winner.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to make the traditional Easter egg hunt more fun, challenging and enjoyable. It’s important to tap into your kids’ interests and add an element of surprise, so that the  competition is a little bit different than usual. Get inspired with some of our ideas and use your imagination to create even more versions of this popular Easter game!

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