Top 4 Beach Games to Play This Summer

July 20, 2022

kids on the beach

The time is finally here – summer has officially arrived and we can all start enjoying the sunshine! But before you head to the beach with your family, take a look at some of our favourite fun games to keep your kids entertained while you enjoy a well-deserved rest on a sun-bed. These games  promote active play and stimulate your kids’ creativity so have a look now and get inspired.

Building sandcastles

Building sandcastles  on the beach is one of the best ways to spend time together. It’s a great opportunity for kids to get some physical activity and learn more about spatial awareness. Plus it’s a great way to try out your little JCB lovers’ new digger toys… so pack them up before you head off!

Collecting seashells/fossils

You know what they say, “a day at the beach is never complete without a bucket of shells.” Whether you are looking for something to do with your family or entertaining yourself on a solo outing, getting out and collecting some seashells can be one of the most fun activities while enjoying time in the sun. 

Playing frisbee

One of the best ways to enjoy a day on the beach is by playing frisbee with your kids. It’s an inexpensive game that doesn’t require any special equipment and it can be played in virtually any location – even if there isn’t much room! It is also relatively easy for young children but challenging enough that adults will also find it enjoyable.

Making a sand sculpture

Making sand sculptures is a wonderful way to spend time on the beach  with your family. The best part of it is the anticipation of watching it gradually take shape. You can spend hours on your masterpiece and then watch as others come to admire what you’ve created, or even make their own additions! Go creative and try making various shapes like dolphins, mermaids or even a pirate ship.

Spending time on the beach doesn’t mean just sunbathing. You can have a fun, active day at the seaside by playing various games that both kids and adults can enjoy. You may be tempted to stay in the sun all day and enjoy yourself, but it’s important that you follow a few simple rules to stay safe. Please remember to apply sunscreen regularly and if possible, try to avoid direct sunlight from noon until 3pm when UV rays are strongest.

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