4 Must Have Back-To-School Accessories

September 6, 2021


It is time to start getting excited for the new school year! We have compiled a list of some of our favourite classroom-ready accessories that will help you get  your child back-to-school ready. Whether it be pencils, pens and notebooks or just a cute backpack to carry them in, these items are sure to make going back to school easier than ever before. 

With Summer coming to an end soon, we urge you not to wait any longer and go out there and find everything you need. Being prepared allows your child to start the new school year in a relaxed and comfortable mindset.

Quality backpack

A good backpack can make all the difference in a student’s day. Consider purchasing one with padding on the back, an ergonomic design and plenty of space for books and supplies. 

It may be tempting to purchase a cheap option that is not built well but will you really want your kid carrying around something so uncomfortable? Our 3 in 1 backpack is a perfect option. It has so many fantastic features that will make it the envy of all their friends. 

There are three separate compartments – one large main compartment and two side mesh pockets which should be enough storage space for any small items they might need at school. And there’s an adjustable padded strap on the back making carrying it comfortable too. 

The lunch box also comes complete with a bottle inside – meaning everything they need will fit in just one place! Plus there’s a Joey JCB pencil case included too, so if anything spills during mealtime, pens stay safe from harm! 

Comfortable shoes

What are the best kinds of shoes to wear for school? It’s a question that many parents and kids ask. The best type of shoe is one that has good grip, conforms well to your foot and ankle, and offers plenty of support.

 If you are looking for a pair that will be comfortable, durable and stylish then JCB black leather children’s shoes are just what you need. They have an elastic lace up system with touch fastener strap to ensure they stay securely on the foot.

 The foam insole is designed for comfort while their slip resistant outsole ensures durability. This makes them perfect for school or playtime outdoors.

Warm outerwear

If you’ve already stocked up on backpacks, notebooks, lunch boxes etc., make sure to get your kids some warm outerwear like hoodies, gilets or coats too! These are all practical items that will help them enjoy their first day at school while keeping them cosy in the cooler months ahead. 

Practical desk

Whilst all those items can make for a great day at school, what about when it comes to doing homework at home?

You can’t beat a desk that is ergonomic and built to fit your body. It’s so important for student health and productivity. That being said, it might be worth investing in an adjustable chair too for extra support and comfort. 

With the new school year already here, it’s time to make sure you have all of your children’s necessary gear ready. Make sure that they are dressed for success by stocking up on supplies like pens, pencils, notebooks, shoes and clothing.

 You may also want to take a look at some supplies that could help them stay organised or keep track of assignments. These items are often forgotten but can be just as important as any other item on this list!

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