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Together with child development expert Dr Carol Cooper and leading education advisor Godfrey Hall, iChild has produced FREE printable activities that cover child development and education from birth to 11 years! The activities are based around the Early Years and National Curriculum, and can be used in nurseries, schools, as well as at home. Other fun activities include nursery rhymes, reward charts, colouring in sheets, making cards, crafts, dot to dot, spot the difference, recipes, yoga, role play... plus lots more! Click here to visit the iChild website


Chinese lantern

Celebrate the Chinese Year of the Rat by making your own Chinese lanterns.

1 Hour 1 hour

6+ years

Grow a sunflower

Growing a sunflower is a great introduction to gardening. Why not have a competition with your friends to see who can grow their sunflower the tallest?

1 Day 1+ Day

6+ years

In the garden

Make a chart showing how many different birds you might see out of your window in a morning.

1 Day 1 Day

6+ years


Print out these great supermarket cards. Stick onto card and then they're ready to be used as props to play with.

1 hour 1 hour

6+ years

The weather

What is the weather today? Using the chart, record the weather over five days.

30 mins 30 mins

6+ years

Fruit reward

Fruit reward chart

Reward yourself when you make sure you're eating five portions of fruit and veg a day.

30 mins 30 mins

6+ years