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JCB have launched this new website to help you explore the world around you and learn more about JCB Machines.


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Constructive play for all ages

Resource centre

Resource centre

Get Digger and construction themed downloads and videos here.


About Us

At JCB we believe in constructive play. We want to inspire children in their play, encourage them to use their imagination and where possible engage them in physical activity. We also want children to explore the world around them and find adventure in their own home and garden. is a new website designed for both kids and adults. It is a resource centre containing loads of games and fun activities to do on and away from the computer. The activities help kids get creative and explore their world. There is also lots of information about Diggers and other JCB Machines which will fascinate the budding Digger enthusiast. There is something for everyone and plenty to keep kids busy during weekends and school holidays.

We have designed the site with children and their parents in mind and we hope you enjoy it. If you have any thoughts and suggestions on how to improve it, we would love to hear from you. Just contact us.

What's new?

Check out our brand new On Site JCB Playsets

Have fun playing with this Charlie Crane Playset. It has a talking crane with a giant crab claw and wrecking ball, bricks to build and knock down, barrels to move around and lots of other bits to keep you busy.


What is the the fastest earthmover on the planet? Well, look no further than the amazing JCB GT which can reach speeds of over 115mph!

Did you know

JCB facts

Find out some amazing interesting facts about JCB machines. Have a go at our quiz and ask our experts your questions.


The JCB story

Where do the initials JCB come from? How did the company start? Where are JCB Machines produced? Find out here.

JCB Live

Experience JCB

Find out where you can get 'up close and personal' with JCB Machines.

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